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Related article: n Knowledge without Roger, not to questions. Cliff Cliff trusted him and he just know what to say what he wanted to hear. Cliff would ask nothing more. With the new airline security could not go over the cliff door to meet him. Roger would join him after he raised his luggage. Wait 30 minutes seemed endless. Finally, a series of the passengers began to appear through a revolving door. Cliff looked deeply into Roger, but there was nobody s recognized in the group, Cliff. He had written on Top Lolita Sites the wrong flight number or have the time wrong? His heart sank at the idea that Roger had missed his plane and to arrive at a different time. Jay and Troy had Cliff in the company Airport. Cliff around to see if they had seen Roger and saw the disappointment on the faces of Cliff as he felt tears swell the eyes of his s. Cliff then felt a tap on the shoulder. Cliff went and saw him, and , it became clear why Cliff did not re-recognize it. Roger had his shaved head. It was brown with a bronze medal - tone, but there was no doubt the beautiful green eyes of his well-formed dark brown in color eyebrows. Cliff ran into his arms and hugged him and Roger Roger left his the event that one. Cliff necklace was his father and not give a damn about Who saw Roger kissing on the lips, as he had no shame. Why should them? They were together, now and forever. N " God, I've been waiting for. I've been dreaming of the celebration with each breath he had during his absence. " Whispered Roger Cliff Act ear. " Hold me," Roger said, "Wait, just Top Lolita Sites me and Never Let Me Go. I've never want to spend another night away from you, as in all my life. " "I'm going to" your words, Cliff said, kissing her again. Jay and Troy were about three Top Lolita Sites meters behind and saw Cliff the best they could through the tears on their faces. Roger and free cliff saw him long enough to say the least, is: " Hello, boys. " " Hello... "Dad," said Jay. " Welcome home. " Left Roger Cliff Jay and Troy embrace together as one. that s not say anything when she got there, three of them, embraced a in a heap. It was Jay who brought us back to the floor and said : ". I know I You lost... we lost all his hair, worrying" This commentary on four of them laughed aloud. " Oh, that is. " Roger said, rubbing his bald head, "I do not think that noticing. " " I would not have if the light reflected from the ceiling on the top of the head had to hide, I do not think it should say. "looks good "... it is not true, " joked Jay?. " When I came here directly, I was in style. " Roger told him. " Oh, thank God, I thought I had one of these krishna na hari borrow money at the airport. " "Maybe I do if I have not seen my statement bank. Cliff know if I clean? " Roger is old. " I think we have just enough left over to pay the rent, but I n util skimp on thepossibilities in this month. "Cliff reprimanded. ", where Rob and Timmy? Is, " said Roger. " She stayed home. You can leave a couple of days to go to New York, and she does not want you to tell here. They wanted to wait until Do you have the house, so they can discuss with you. " " Oh yeah? " " Do not worry, I and my consent. We talk about it later. The most important thing is that you get home. I want to see if tanned you are all about... or if you have a line so... have and if not, why is run naked... and with whom? " " Lord God, to answer many questions. " " I do not know if you have tattoos purple nipples, want to just keep in sight. ?. Recognize " " Why, father, Cliff, I know you're hot, " said a " Of course not, " Cliff said, adding that he was angry :" I am home tired " 'tricks to get out of the confessional. Oooh, they are bad, I've heard... and to initiate a sinner. " " decided I could not speak freely. they were hell to go and It without you, I could go with them. " " You two please shut up and let's get the car and go home ? "Said Jay, impatiently, " I bet Rob and Timmy does not check the stove, or the oven again, and everything prepared for the return home of Roger probably destroyed or burned to a crisp now. " " What are Top Lolita Sites we supposed to ? " Roger said Jay. " peanut butter and broccoli sandwiches, what else ? " " Thank God for the Blue Jays out of this world. They are constant and give us a sense of solidarity which, despite the change, we must live see another day. "He gave Jay and Cliff a big hug. Then he turned to Troy and looked into his eyes. " What 's going on, Troy, have you not said a word since I arrived. " " I did not mean anything. I stepped back and saw the three on your part. I was speechless and happy to think I was part of this family. I am very happy to get back together. "Troy said. " And we want to remain a family, from now on. "Roger said, smiling at Troy. " Remember what our favorite writer has written, Sondheim ? " Roger Cliff is locked in his arms, as Jay and Troy us when Roger began to singing," through thick and thin, through all, or if all the n is to win, place or show... you for me and for me n you, confusion what we do... Together... whenever... go! " Roger was back and had Cliff. It was two weeks. Roger had done all, to be home. Meanwhile, there sprouted nearly a sixteenth of an inch your hair. Apparently, Roger Cliff had missed you so much, as Cliff missed him across the room. sex action was better and more significant than ever. jays is a big party planned for the immediate family, Timmy and Rob Toast n big turn off lights of Broadway to find fame, fortune and frustration. Jay had Walter containing Alex, Jeff, Ted, Ryan and Kyle. this gave Roger a chance better with Walter and his " children" ( all five of them ) for as only spoke with Walter before leaving,b out of her and her life miserable. Developed in recent times, any thought Cliff was given material for a sermon or a lesson. Cliff had read the book that Roger had three or four times and is in total agreement with the Dalai Lama. Ordinary people pass the life in search of happiness. It's just that most of them are not aware of them, if they find it. People always think back to the " good times" when that was happier than high school or college days, a former job, a s companionship friend, but why should not they have into account at the time ? Cliff had no answer except to say he knew he was happy and that's all I needed. Cliff was like, ' A year from now, if I have luck, then the n is even better, but if Top Lolita Sites you spend a year and some unforeseen event takes future happiness of my s, then I will not lose a single time than now. " Last week, Roger had with the architects, real estate meets brokers, financiers and had a press conference conference of the following on Tuesday to announce their strategic alliance... a new dynamic in the hospital with AIDS the latest treatments and most qualified doctors and scientists s available... and a treatment center and crisis for troubled youth, n eed a place to belong and 'accepted'. "Accepted "... It was the word , again! The latter 'take ' for young people with drugs, alcohol, or substance abuse and related problems for young people who needed someone , otherwise... Race, sex or sexual orientation. N Walter agreed to handle all legal matters. His commission only place him higher in the seven-digit support for the first time in his life. His " Clayton clan", as Roger and Cliff ' Briarwood Boys ' is do not want for anything new. Kyle looked as healthy as Jay Jay since he started going with the same doctor and treatment n. There was virtually no sign of AIDS or HIV virus in their n system. This made Ryan feel relieved, knowing hKyle would have a n s as long as it was the deep love with me. Alex wanted to go to college to get his time between the exchange in Medical Administration and oversaw the construction of the crisis center. Ted said that will help all he could, although the main interest Ted s was sport. I wanted to be a newspaper and television sports journalists like the late Chris Schenkel. He knew only as Chris, and is large it was. There was a large pile of old cassettes that Chris was going to revered and Top Lolita Sites admired, Kyle and Ryan turn to the service channel of new patients with HIV in the center and the most advanced cases, the hospital after the buildings were finished and all that operating costs. The San Ginés " of the community was so fast, Roger consultation with the church vestry on the enlargement of the sanctuary or twice three times larger. No one except the cliffs and his " family", as noted many men, n old and young, had new parishioners. Somehow, word got out that was a visit to church and worship... and " acceptable" and believe that what they were. Cliff false ingenuity, as the new men s of the population had learned from him. Instead, he thanked God brought some reason had a place where mostly gay men, who were belongs... where someone cared about them... and were useful and outrageously, to help others. Jeff spent every free minute with Cliff learning from the teachings of the Church, kept Jeff and his friendship with Jason, Tony and supports them with the duties of acolytes for each service. Jeff had "accepted" his being gay, and spent the night with his best friend, Earl, if he has a "unit " under the cassock. confirmation of Jeff before his father, brothers, and treatment of Children Briarwood was a mere formality, as only a bishop can confirm a candidate of the church. Bishop Vanderhorst was visiting family ceremony, but the Tuesday following the morning prayer is ad Communion wine, the bishop of San Ginés, met with Jeff and Cliff short, and then speak as a special favor that both are "legalized " is n , confirmation of Jeff during the fair. Cliff Confessions is usually heard on the evening of Saturday had been extended to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, , especially after working hours. He was physically and emotionally drained as never heard such an abundance of sins... But he knew that any confessor n was sincere and had what I needed to " vent " for what was to feel better and find peace. It was in the confessional that Cliff had acquired most of the members of his "family"... and look how well that result. This gully has a larger cushion to sit, to listen, listen hour after hour, day after day, without explaining Roger where he received an unexpected case of hemorrhoids. Wayne had done wonders with the choir and church music. San GenesiWe soon choir recorded their third CD. The choir was a success! While Roger was gone, Cliff introduced a new personal secretary, Ben Townsend, a lonely lost " outsiders" who had never "accepted" that is in your life. It was gay, but never had a sexual experience of any kind, felt that his lack of good looks that kept him from a relationship or even a night are, for that matter. Cliff asked Jay to his office in the church are and take Ben, a complete renovation " do with it, like Rosie O'Donnell in show that love every Monday. Jay to do things like this... loved transformations and changes, especially with a happy ending. the next day at work, Ben came 08th in the 30 's clock with a new hairstyle, new closet, and the new perspective life. Their confidence in themselves or had doubled triples. Well, if Ben could not find " that guy! ' "That guy " was not away. Cliff was the light in the "tent" substituted, such as Cliff called it. Before the church. A handsome man, handsomeNo 24, the use of monkey bright blue, clean the device and installing new envoy bulbs. His name was Jeremy Cross. He has had a strictly religious Briarwood education in a fundamentalist churches. Pastor Brindley to be exact. Maybe Jeremy was gay all his life, but was afraid to front of their sexuality or chose to ignore in order to please their parents, but s friendship with Ben at the time they met, while Ben was his the sign of the church. Four hours later, his car was parked in the back parking. Cliff, who assumed, like many other workers who like to have some time at work by the hour. Cliff left his office to go to the front yard to see what Jeremy low for so long a task that requires attention only 15 minutes. Jeremy was nowhere... Ben was not. Cliff saw that Ben was new and different from the previous day, but Cliff not believe that Ben had left their inhibitions quite stopped fallingthat a piece of light craft s. At that time, knew nothing Cliff Jeremy or past life. Yes, Cliff certainly does not believe that Jeremy Ben had a secret roll -in- the- somewhere in the apse Cliff building until he heard a rustling in the belfry. Pigeons ? Bats ? people? Cliff curiosity got the better of him and began the ascent stairs of wood, like James Stewart in " Vertigo. " Cliff reached the top step and heard voices on the other side of the door of the room, placed the glockenspiel, Cliff was the voice of Ben, but he knew that the other a. When Ben and "friend " were in some kind of extra committed of activity, Cliff did not want to take them with his presence at a loss, so that silently peered through a crack in the door and saw the two, both naked, in a conjugal embrace and go to the committees, such as cannibals. Cliff smiled and rolled his eyes and said, " Thank you" and is silent, as he had entered. E n briefime later, Ben returned to the office. His face was flushed. He had his first experience with a man, and had trouble return to normal. When he saw Cliff, Ben 's eyes averted and Cliff do not know if Ben had a meeting happy, sad or a n a lot of guilt and remorse. " Everything went wrong ?" Cliff asked timidly. " No, I feel a little weak. It must be my hypoglycemia. I have ate lunch. " Answered Ben. " Oh yeah? " Cliff said, jokingly, "You went, I always thought You may want to go to lunch with the young man returned to the replace the lights. Got it Top Lolita Sites you your name? " " I... uh... I think it was Jeremy or Jerry... something. I not paying much attention to know. he was so tough and manly... not my type at all. " " he was not rude to you it was? If he, I call your company to report. not have to remember accidentally his name, he received, was using a nameplate on the breast pocket. " " I have not noticed. As I said,It really does not interest me, that s much. "Ben was so nervous, he started, he decided, without the input of paper to the typewriter. Cliff to take a risk and deal with it. N " Ben Townsend ! Would you dare to lie to his priest 's house, God ? " " Heavens, no! "He replied. " Then I guess I'd better call the exterminator and tell him we have bats in our belfry. " " Oh, my Lord! It belongs to us? Father, do not tell me, did you see us... Please. "N " You want to lie. Believe a lie deserves another "asked Cliff to play with it yet, but do not let Ben know that in reality joke. N " Sorry, Cliff Father. You think I should see my confession now? " " No, Ben, he was joking. Maybe I took my joke too far, but want to relax and feel free around me. Glad you had an experience with him. I pray that you liked and that the meeting ended with a Happy End. " " Era, was the father. "Ben said, excited. " It was wonderful. All thoughts and feelings I havehad passed through my mind is running for years, suddenly came true. The things that were happening, the s really real.. and it was everything I ever expected. " " I'm glad Ben. Believe me, when I do I 'm glad to tell you... and man young.. Jerry? Do you have a good time with you? " " His name is Jeremy, father, Jeremy Cross and was surprised just , when I, when things started clicking between us. Would you like to , which was his first time too? N "I think if you say so. " N " is. Is manly Top Lolita Sites and handsome, and did not care how I. does not look like us, does not matter. Contact with eyes only, touch, and feelings. that's what gave us the courage, the things we've done. had fleeing many of his homosexuality throughout his life, as in I. the time that we kissed, she began to mourn. This surprised me because I do not I know why a -Man, as he would have tears in my eyes as I has done. "\\ \\ n " So I'm assuming too much that you will see no orbecause again? " " Friday night... Come for dinner and a movie. And then, on Sunday, wants the 11 00 - clock service, visit here San Gines '. " "My God, Ben, if you make a convert, make is complete! " " Well, it's a start. " " Write to Ben. There is a start, it's a start. " " Yes, I like that... a start. "Ben smiled. either Rob nor Timmy knew what were the emotions in control of his psyche more. Excitation or fear, it would be better and safer if only one gave them the big jump in the world of entertainment, but the two jumping in the deep race insecurity at the same time would be madness n for most couples. but most couples do not foster father, Cliff, a o adoptive father, Roger, to financially back. no an, including for the same Roger, I knew the size of the wealth he had inherited of grandfather. Roger did not care to know, or because a lawyer of that had once said that eHours, your investment was sufficient the proceeds to fund a small town. Roger took over their money only if they help people other... building hospitals, schools, committed funding for two a youth as they tackle the world of entertainment in the Great White Way. is The apartment, rented Rob and Timmy on the west side of Manhattan in the bottom 80 of the view of Central Park West. It was far beyond all I could afford on their own... $ 1 800 months for three unfurnished room. His real parents could have rented an entire hotel for several months in the years of origin. The price of food, clothing, utilities and transportation in the city was out of sight. Rob asked how a a small town boy never do in the big city without benefactor. Timmy asked me how people who get minimum wage jobs, such as on the staff of retail department stores manage to pay their bills in the Big Apple... Also, $ 87. 50 per seat just to see a Broadway show... How could the average person Affoabout it? Imagine that kind of money for a show, if proved a failure, or if the critics had lied about the talent of an actor y really stunk ! This really was afraid of him, as , must be competitive, even a chorus job in a country musical. A n of them have had to give the value of a customer to take 87-50 for their two hours of entertainment? Rob knew he was a good singer, he hopes, is so good. Timmy knew it needed a musician, celebrity status, heals but he knew his chosen field should be highly competitive. Top Lolita Sites a all, how many jobs were empty piano in pit orchestras of Broadway? no support would have been useless Roger even trying, and would return to at home after a week of negotiations with the disappointment of not too large, the the first time at bat. discovered, real estate agents, brokers, they would lease three spaces furniture on a monthly basis. They bought a lot of goodies to decorate his apartment to give the simulation of a house... Photos, posters, tiny figures, etc, and bought the latest advertising magazines called Open the cattle. Timmy went to the Musicians Union on West 52 in has transferred his membership card. Roger had somehow removed some chains and Timmy had requested his card he received in the first day. It s account of the Local 802 board, and commercial work to replace the sky orchestra. Believe it or not, there were several contributions to the long-term sample. It seemed safer to audition for one of these instead of risking a job in a new show, going out of town trials, and comes to Broadway, only one night after closing \\ \\ n Performance. Sometimes, if you knew a friend of a friend, that the fate of time or another, you may get lucky, are familiar with the n materials you need to audition with. One of the biggest hits today playing in the street 46 was a revival of Frank Loesser's " Greenwillow " return the original starred Tony Perkinsthe sixties. Lonnie Mitchell, the largest producer of Broadway, which had occupied David trained Merrick and Prince Hal, again and had to pull the presence of mind Danny Hutch, the latest singing sensation from Australia to when shooting the management ". Critics had on their performance and excited improvements Jo Sullivan Loesser had in the Renaissance, that is with six new songs, which had in the vault of his husband " clips. " indication of a pianist called to play six nights a week and conduct the orchestra on Wednesday, and Saturday morning. Timmy had bought the CD of the original " Green Willow " n the previous year. He loved to sing " Never Will I Marry" in the shower, strong enough for his father, who is also rector of the school, where he taught Timmy, listen. He tried to send her father a musical message gay... something that never had the courage to say. He knew every song of the first production from the heart... in any key. So when called the announced a number HEARINGNo, and I said I could be seen February 00 clock on Thursday, but everyone danced to Central Park West, at the apartment of his s to share your news with Rob. If he succeeded, would stand n in the door things bigger and better, plus it would give his first paycheck from Broadway. He was able to pay the rent himself. that Roger wanted to prove a successful investment has been worthwhile. times in a lifetime, but even more in the entertainment world, only " must come to the right place at the right time. " Somebody up there "should be , Cliff heard prayers for Father, because when Arthur Tyler, Timmy conductor put his " willow Green", the pianist / assistant driver, it was announced that Ronny Claiborn, David Hutch is an alternate / waiting Stern, coach / truck company of its successful program. This means that a new alternate was needed.... BOIINNNG Who was the best baritone unemployed looking for an upper register, and is a study of vortex familiar withmusic... in New York? Timmy ran to the nearest pay phone, called Rob and asked him to get her ass the 46th Street Theatre and fast! Thirty minutes later, Rob came by taxi. Rob knew Timmy perfect for the role. I only had two major obstacles stand in your way. Rob was better than David Hutch and Rob was a better singer actor. It is difficult, if it can be as good and bad. Sometimes it is , you know that counts is what Top Lolita Sites you know. After Rob had the balcony stuffed with his rendition of " Summer Time Love ", a riot broke small right stage. Old Hank, one of the stagehands had grabbed her breast and was a pile on the floor with a thud like. the others had auditioners met to call Hank observing campaign, but not crushed with a 911th Rob rushed the Top Lolita Sites stage to reach viewers, but that s the group apart, knees , Hank loosening belt and unbuttoned the front shirt Hank. Rob leaned over to listen to HankThe mouth, vision o air to breathe through and suddenly covered his mouth with Hank own. He blew down twice Hank the trachea and then knelt to beginning of the manual breast pump CPR. Meanwhile, the stage director n called EMS. Rob continues to work on their own, so the old Hank life emergency services arrived to relieve him. Before the ambulance Once again, Hank was conscious and breathing on his own s. In tears, she saw Rob 's eyes and whispered encouragement to all that was available, "Thank you, young man, God bless you. " Many of the n be directed to the small amount he had tears in eye of the skin "almost miraculous. " Was it an act of God that Rob was here at the exact time when needed was luck or fate or divine? In any case not matter, because Rob left the theater two hours later with Timmy. rob , the new deputy. Cliff thought Timmy imitates father when looking at the sky and mouthIng, a simple " thank you" when he saw his priest and " father", many times. In the following week, when the new " Playbill " was printed, is contained in both his name and went to a gift shop and bought a huge For nuts, candied fruit cheese and wine imported to and including the n - Broadway program before wrapping the gift and send home to their "family", Cliff, Roger, Jay and Troy opened the package together. because was no doubt in his mind all that Rob and Timmy the right decision was made election and were now on their way to greatness. This was the fate of the sky, or down to Lady Luck Rob and Timmy. that s late November and was a strain of flu, Indonesia had to hit New York with a vengeance. Many of these programs had to cancel services due to the ' plague'. " Green Willow " was only slightly affected. Only two dancers singer arrived with the virus... The three... PLUS the male star of the series. It would take at least a week and would be replaced withhis deputy. Once Rob and Timmy heard the news, went to the box office, earning four House seats matinee tickets n to the next session on Saturday afternoon, where Rob would not only be , but the band Tim Woodrow would take place. sent to inputs via Federal Express overnight with a note. "The flu hit show. Please use the tickets and come to New York immediately. We need your support. " Roger did not know Top Lolita Sites what to think, but if his "boys" needed him to God he be there. Roger also realized that if Cliff accompanied him, This was the first time it would be a trip together. There was no under the sun that Jay is lost on a trip to his old treading reasons, but this time I was traveling with his first and only Troy. in the performance Thursday night was the fifth Rob successive substitution, Ronny Mitchell came to see the show, as s box office revenue has been the star of the panel show from the flu. overtureLonnie had just finished and sat in the back row The entrance of Rob. Ronny was surprised and see the stage Rob s presence, but when Rob started singing n impressive voice of Rob Ronny and action. I felt I had made the greatest discovery since Alan Jay Lerner n Robert Goulet was found in a hotel lobby to Lancelot in "Camelot " to play. Rob can not ' name', but Ronny 's eyes, he was on Broadway with great Star. The next day, called Ronny and Marilyn and Alan Bergman, Michele Legrand, Bergman had written for the "Yentl," Barbra Streisand. He wanted to convert the movie "Green Dolphin Street", in a show of music and writing songs, his new discovery, Rob Hawley. "Green Dolphin Street " after being turned into a great success getting the Tony Award for Best Musical, Best Book, Best Score and letters, and Best Actor and Best Music Director Rob Hawley and Tim n Woodrow, respectively. They would make a big... together! Roger finRonny Mitchell ANCE -production, as yielding to add millions more to him assets Roger. However, it has been invited to the Saturday matinee of " Green Willow" in the "family". Rob had a box with four seats, only the Selected left the stage. At every opportunity, Cliff, Roger, Jay and Troy directed the audience to thunderous applause for the male protagonist. Roger and Cliff could not be more proud if she really "children" to the desired stage. It seemed more than coincidence that would be the end of the series is the total set of actors in a moving song, "The Music of Start singing 'and ends with the text: " Home is where I belong. Then the last curtain fell and Roger Top Lolita Sites stood up and shouted: "Bravo" strong enough to be one of in Schubert Alley, one block West 45th. Cliff laughed out loud when Roger leaned over to Top Lolita Sites say. "My God, you're worse than a mother stage, " "I am one of God, I am one !" Roger asked a lot more cheers, whistle and applaud. cliffI had a flight on the 06th 00 clock back to Briarwood for Sunday service the next day. He had two brothers of a demand neighbors in the community to care for him on Saturday to make confessions. Roger, Jay and Troy stayed in New York to visit Rob 's last performance, substitute for an ill David, it was expected that the number n, a change Monday. Timmy and Rob had his three guests to Joe Allen for the to prove it. Each star on Broadway, does not suffer from the flu, was hit this on Saturday night. All those who were called for,, indicate a number of their present, or one of its previous successes. Word had to stop such ' Greenwillow the "alternate series, so that everyone was curious to see and hear, that everyone had to speak Broadway. When Rob came to sing in change, Roger asked what he wanted n listen. went to him to choose a favorite. does not seem appropriate to ask , sing to Rob, "fifty percent", he asked Rob to sing his secondFavorite Song of Sondheim, "being alive " by the "Company " Timmy went to the piano y began with the intro and then Rob started. " Someone you have very close.... " The noisy crowd calmed down quietly listening, Rob. This song was powerful, yet intimate. If Rob has the line "but alone, alone, not alive," said the note and held until the next expression , while Timmy key is changed, increasing the number of legs in the thunderous applause. talent the public know whether they were witnessing the birth of is a new star. Rob could not leave the stage when all the screaming, " Encore!. " " Being alive never Paseo Sola" or " Climb Every Mountain. " It concludes with a note for the house "one of the songs, like " n down. The choice of an addition is difficult to follow as and "stopped the show, it's best to change the tempo or mood, Rob Timmy blinked and nodded and started the first eight stages of the game "Nobody's ingenuity alone. "Sondheim song, so often identifiedh the fight for AIDS. This time he was done, was replaced by tears of applause because there was not a dry eye in the house. Those present knew that Rob was. He was the nearest star, the next competition, the next co-star, if they got lucky. The night was a Roger never forget how he sat a burst of fatherly pride. Briarwood return flight seemed very short, like all the Cliffs thoughts involved in energy and Timmy Rob. Cliff wanted to stay for the weekend, but a priest is like a doctor, he is always available , even when to take time. It was not until 21 clock 30 years when he took a taxi from Airport to the rectory. Cliff heard the phone ring before you put the at the door. It must have been rung 20 rings before he arrived, so Who was on the phone this time she must have had something important to say. Cliff thought Roger was going to see if the calls and arrived Top Lolita Sites safely assume time to say "goodNight ". This was his first night is separated since his return. Cliff picked up the phone, and it was Wayne, church music Director of Appeals. " Hello? " " Father Cliff? This is Wayne. If everything is correct, I called all afternoon and no one answered. "Wayne said. " I was not in town last night and today. What's going on, who has tried , to get to me ? " " Well, this morning when I was using the children to practice their hymn of the 09th 30 - Service by two policemen came to the church in search of. " " " " Did you tell them he was convicted and had to leave the city? No, I did not know where he was. That's the first time he tried to can be achieved. " " Did you find what they wanted. " " Yes, sir, sorry to say. " " Come on, Wayne wanted to know what you? " " Father, they were here to see about Ben? " " My secretary ? Do not tell me he was arrested for disorderly conduct to not believe you. " " No, father, who was... Ben... died in a car accident last night. " Cliff heart sank into his anus. Jesus! Only when all drafting the best for everyone ! The tragedy seems to always find a way to spoil the happiness. " Do you have any information? Was driving ? Where was I? War alone? If I had been drinking? " Cliff began to recite the questions as a machine gun. " There was a man with him. It seems that Ben and he had dinner and the 22 had 00 shows in the past when Mercedes -complex. You left the movies shortly before midnight. Such Ben was driving the car of your s. I was about to leave the parking lot on Main Street and a 16 -year- old, who was high on cocaine that police , a broad face of the passenger door and Ben died instantly. " " The boy was Ben killed him ? "n " I do not think so. suffered only scratches, bruises and an arm to s was broken. Father, I believe, the police called him Jerry winters, o something... and then that afternoon they received a call fromsomeone named Jeremy and I wondered, what could be the same person I was thinking n , Jerry called the police. In any case, said Jeremy very important to talk with you. " " Do you have a number where you can get to it? " " Yes, sir. " " Let another pen, an ink that is.... Well, now, please Give me the number. " Cliff nervously noted the seven digits. He thanked Wayne for appeal and said he would be in church tomorrow morning. Dear God, This was one of the times when being close to Roger Cliff, but Cliff had many crises before and had heard too many bad news in itself, but somehow it was different. out of pure nerves Cliff bad touch keys on the phone three times before he could reach Jeremy. Cliff was more excited when n implemented. Cliff thought in his mind: "Damn, that poor child to discover the flower of life and on his first day... I know God must have good explanation for this event, and I wantDo not tell me. " " Hello? " Answered the voice. N " Jeremy? " " Yes ? " " This is the father of Cliff... " " I thank God called him. " " Recently I received a call from Wayne, my minister of music, and told me the bad news. " " I am sorry to worry about this, but last night at dinner, Ben are spoken all. He was highly respected and looked to wants a son who his real father. " " Ben was a soft type. He was thoughtful of others and was a reality secretary as well. I am very fond of him. " " Father, I... well,... Father... It was not my fault... believe me! " " I know that it was Jeremy. You should not blame yourself. " " But I think my father... You see, Ben told me he used to be about what he that happened between us during the week and knew what the the belfry. Is that true... or just say that Ben? " " We had a conversation. "Cliff said. " Then you need to know that both have sinned, and God punishes us... But Ben's life is not me... " " And you toowant to feel guilty and blame yourself, because You will not die with Ben... Is that it? " " Yes, sir. " " Jeremy, Wayne told me that he broke his arm. " " Yes, sir. " " Can you drive, or rather, you have a car to drive, if you can? " " Yes, sir, I have my work truck in the driveway. " " Could you ask him to come to my house? "N " You mean now? " " Yes, I think we should have a long talk, and things I means, but I would rather tell you in person instead of the phone. " " is a little late... But I know I will not be able to sleep anyway. " " Are you coming again? " " Yes, sir. " " Do you know where I live. " " Yes, sir, everyone knows where your house is big. It's more like n in a tourist attraction. " " So when can you come here? " " In about 20 minutes or so ? " " to take hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate? "I asked. " Coffee, sir. " " Well, I'll make a pot and when you are ready here. " " OK, see you in a few... " " Jeremy? ""Yes? " " Handle with care? " " Oh, yes sir. I promise. " Cliff hung up and had a sense of emptiness interior. It s had lost a loved one to him and he was angry... s not Jeremy, but in God and the world and all that he had robbed Ben of his long life and learn Check that the love and happiness. Cliff said the book sent Roger had him and his first instinct was to throw against the wall. Cliff said : "'The Art of Happiness ",yes! Bullshit! " What would he say in their prayers tonight ?" Thank God and the Devil n! ? " He walked to the fireplace and piled trunks and started a fire. The flames rose to add a little kerosene diluted. Cliff looking the fire until there is a white spot on his approach and its head, s saw the look innocent in the eyes of Ben and the new haircut, I was so proud n... the look of surprise on his face before Cliff had not found to condemn or punish him for sex with the opinion of Jeremy. Ben was almost disbeliEF, a grown man, especially the priests, could not tolerate his actions. Cliff asked, ' Hell, why interfere in other the happiness of others ? It was not my place to a feeling of guilt hanging n around his neck. People could be punished more than the company never. It's just that society gives them the right to punish. Damn it ! Was I wrong to which all met the same fate as n met with Roger? " Cliff view was that everyone had a life Roger of s, but then would place him guilty of what I thought, happiness n to someone who had not completed their search. but if Ben spoke by Jeremy Cliff, he thought Ben had found what I was looking for Cliff wondered if Jeremy had felt the same for Ben. Cliff wanted to know. find out what did, but promised Jeremy do not push it. is Cliff in the kitchen and filled the land of coffee coffee. put the pot on the stove and turned theHeat. The music was always therapeutic, so he went to the CD collection and pulled Mahler Fifth Symphony, which always seemed to relax, every time I was very excited. dissonances soft strings began to ease their despair. The mood of the music was interrupted by the ringing of the phone. " Hello? " " Hey, baby! " "Hi, honey. " Cliff said. "I wish you'd stayed with us and has gone to Joe Allen for the n to display. Rob sang, while Timmy accompanied him, and they were sensational. " Cliff was conscious, Roger Rob said something, but had none of their words recorded in account Cliff. I had not heard a word said Roger. Roger was very had sung the songs in detail about Rob and the n , quantity, applauded as Cliff was there holding the phone to your ear is not responding. He was astonished. "Okay, baby, what's going on ?" Said Roger. "What? " " Look, I know you so well as I do, even if you do not say, white all... and I can not say anything bad. This spill. " This wasthe first time, Cliff wanted to mourn. I had no scales tear so far, but suddenly, with your better half on the other end of the the telephone connection had n in the soul, as only Roger Cliff came to could, and Cliff began to mourn. Cliff Roger knew enough to mourn for it out of his the system, and Roger is waiting until Cliff was ready to tell him what was bothered. It took a few minutes to meet and then Cliff Roger, told everything, beginning with the moment I heard the phone playing while trying to open the door. "Cliff, I know I can not sleep. I do not know if I can n a plane out of this time of night, but I promise I'll be home as soon as can be. They were for a long while I was gone and I promised I was going to always be there for you... give me a few hours and I will be there. " only to hear the voice of Roger Cliff was feeling better, knowing that someone had been in his life as Roger to comfort him. Roger, whereuld home s soon and everything would be fine again. How the hell Cliff managed to live, while Roger was still missing was always a mystery to him. Cliff heard the horn of the door. Press the " Talk" is to make sure that it was Jeremy who came. Cliff opened the door and walked to the porch to see the car lights as they approached the house. Jeremy parked out of his truck and climbed the stairs to Cliff, who put his hand to strike Jeremy and he took a firm grip. Ben was right, he was a man. " Father Cliff, I'm Jeremy. Do not think we formally met. The other day in the church, spoke to me only long enough to say where the n was light. " \\ \\ n "Hi, Jeremy, is very nice to meet you. Please, enter into it. " Jeremy Cliff entered the lobby and then in the living room. Jeremy stared at the walls, paintings, furniture, and above all, is the spider. To say I was impressed is an understatement. to whistled. " Boy, I thought to myself, what this place must be like the look n the outside... but I had no idea it was Camelot " "My partner and best friend , Roger, called Shangri La and times Xanadu ". " No wonder," he said and walked to the window to see the Olympic Games the pool out of all the enlightened. N "Ben has seen this place? " "No, I uh... I wanted to eat on Sunday of next week to ask invite you to be his guest. " n "I, why ? " "do not know exactly what happened between you two in the bell tower I do not know. 's not my issue, but let's say, \\ \\ n, when I returned to my office, I've never been happier. na Honestly, I would never be completely happy to meet you. was a young sad and happy thank you. " n ", did you know you have had sex, right? " " you're saying or asking ? " " I.. I think you mean..... was my first time with a man, I means... Did you hear that annoying... I mean, you, a priest and all? " " No, Jeremy, who doest bother me, and really, if you do not want I say these things, please do not. "N " I will. I have to talk about it. I told you on the phone s about how I felt guilty, and God had punished when the car hit us. " " Jeremy, do you mind me asking, either in the church, and if so go of his confession ? " " Absolutely not, " Jeremy said and started too many secrets about her that of the family and their strict religious rules which he lived, most of which Brindley had Pastor its predecessor, the Rev. Perry was introduced Thompson, a renowned hellfire and brimstone pulpit is fought. Jeremy continue to rely, as he disliked, but hated his dominant and sanctimonious father his mother, who had lived a life reduced by hell with his righteous husband. Jeremy Cliff revealed that his parents s only had sex three times n 28 years marriage. Who three times the Jeremy nights and two sisters had designed... but not a timhad sex s pleasure. The sex was for procreation and nothing more. Otherwise, it was a sin. Cliff was like, 'No wonder Jeremy had never had sex, I wonder if Top Lolita Sites there were n even masturbate. That explains why he enjoyed his experience with Ben '. Jeremy can be as good physically and probably built to get a job with each advertising agency in the country with his good looks and I think it would be gone through puberty and maturity came without a sexual partner done anachronistic. Ripley wouldn't've believe this story. The other was sad mind that Ben had felt inferior in appearance, and yet, here it... Jeremy... Ben did all that... and have the same canoe paddling with the rudder different. Cliff had felt sorry for Ben, as he had said the n must be suffering, but now felt even sadder Jeremy Cliff, who had everything to : n was too afraid to give. Cliff was an old movie, "Wild in the Streets", remember that is to put the youngsters to their parents in concentration campsif the parents of s reached the age of 35 Maybe that was the right way do if all the parents of Jeremy Cliff was even happier now that Ben had lived for his only experience and thanked God that Jeremy was finally his. Maybe Jeremy was not for Ben, but I was sure it was for someone. Cliff had no doubts about being homosexual, because it sure was a great void in the life of a male escort with a father like him, and almost virgin mother, two sisters and brothers. Cliff decided that n in the situation of Jeremy, who had robbed a store just to probably've and n are caught in a reform school for children with children his age who and the religious form of the structure. Cliff Cliff wanted to help, if he it. After Jeremy finished his story, Cliff is in terms of misguided youth for a long time before speaking. " Do you know Jeremy, I do not know if Ben was a family or not. The not speakthem. Having someone in your service plan, but in the On the other hand, there is the possibility, he had none. I'll find out in the the morning when I get the details. If no one, that willing to help with the funeral? " " Sure, that's the least I can do. worthwhile to help ' "someone, even distant ones. Might be to find a way for you to end the accident. You may be given to some special memories... You know, something more tangible to remember what by n. Even if his friendship with Ben was short, in my heart I knew died happy. I'm sure he realizes that his partner was the first and only such as You have indicated that he was there with you. If he had killed in his place, I liked him to do the same for you... Am I right ? "N " " " Yes, sir, I 'll call you in the morning and then we want the two of us together and make plans, if no one else. Does that sound ? " " Yes, sir. "N " I understand you were coming to San Genesius on Sunday with him. " " Yes, sir, " " Want to come? " " Yes, sir. " " There are a Top Lolita Sites couple of guys who want to meet and get to know... in seven or eight of them, as would the friendship, and to you if, when you need someone for support. " " Are you sure? I mean... I fit in? " " Trust me. Once you meet them and spend some time with them, feel they are your brothers and you are one of their relatives. " " If you're sure... then I will. " " Well. Now you have my phone number and any time of day or night n is necessary to speak with them, I'm here for you... Also, if you ever feel, ' away', you Top Lolita Sites have room in this house I've ever seen. " " Now I understand why Ben says he has over you. " " I am sure I am not worthy of what you said, but whatever it was, , which would comfort me, who thought of me as your friend. Now, try to get some rest and think of happy times spent with n Ben, if it was only twice in herast were happy. " " Yes, Father, they were. " " Well. Always remember the moments and keep them forever in the small dome of dreams. " " I will try my father, I will try. " Cliff looked into teary eyes and Jeremy Cliff was delighted when The young man put his good arm, without a mold around the waist and Cliff hugged him. "Thank you. "Said Jeremy, looking left. Cliff the truck, as well as Jeremy in the back up junction. Cliff closed the door, turned off the light, undressed and went a bed. hugged his pillow to be with the satisfaction of knowing that there are n replaced by Roger in the morning. ( to "Briarwood " Third book - continue " Briarwood Lost" - Chapter 31). Ritchris Copyright 2005.
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